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Jazz By Heart “Inclusive”

Jazz By Heart “Inclusive”

time 1:00 pm

July 11, 2018

Karin Juhl (vocal, guitar, percussion), Daniel Van Kranendonk (guitar), Jakob Roland (bas)

Sophisticated and warm is some of the keywords to descibe the music from vocalist Karin Juhl and guitarplayer Daniel Van Kranendonk, who together are Jazz By Heart. Come and get a smile on your face from the repertoire and feel the genuine joy from charing a musical moment. As a special treat celebrating the Copenhagen Jazz Festival Jazz By Heart is featuring Jakob Roland, doublebass.

Review of Jazz By Hearts – CD ‘AMALGAMATING’

Berlingske Tidende April 2014. 5 STARS
The result is jazz of an intimate character, which is neither fragile nor limited. It is music that one cannot ignore and primarily deals with relatively well-known works which are being interpreted in a new and surprisingly – but never over intellectualized – form. All songs are being renewed in a special and very musical manner.

Karin Juhl’s voice is accompanied by Kranendonk’s electric and acoustic guitars. They have fine command of their instruments and never over do it. Juhl’s voice is close, intimate, intense, and restrained. Kranendonk is not the typical jazz guitarist found within a vocal / guitar duo and it helps to strengthen the duo. It is of an exceptional sound quality, pleasant and comfortably original but not on a Sunday – morning – jazz – like way. There is an underlying edge and rock nerve in Kranendonk ‘s guitar playing.
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